Directors: Tony Mahony, Angus Sampson

Australia, 1983. Desperate for cash, Ray Jenkins (Angus Sampson, Mad Max: Fury Road) agrees to smuggle heroin back from Thailand in his stomach. But when he’s stopped by border control on his first job, his plan takes a devastating turn.


Detained by the police and facing a brutal prison sentence, Ray makes a drastic choice: to withhold the evidence, literally. His decision enrages sadistic Detective Croft (Hugo Weaving, The Matrix) who will stop at nothing to prove Ray’s guilt.


Now, with a fatal dose of heroin ready to leak into his stomach at any moment, his ruthless employers out to silence him and a police force determined to put him away – Ray finds himself locked in a desperate struggle for freedom… and survival.


In this gut-churning thriller based on a true story, Ray’s about to discover that in the vicious world of drug smuggling, your first job could well be your last.

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