Director : Philip Seymour Hoffman

Jack Goes Boating sees Academy Award Winner Philip Seymour Hoffman making his feature directorial debut.

Hoffman plays as Jack - a New York limo driver, who is set up on a blind date with Connie (Academy Award Nominee Amy Ryan - The Wire, Gone Baby Gone) by mutual close friends. Charmed by Connie's subtle grace and dry humour, he sets up a second date before realising he's out of his depth: Connie dreams of going boating and loves good food ... and Jack can neither swim nor cook. Entrusting his fate to his friends, Jack has just a few months to learn how to swim and upgrade his cooking from a hot plate to haute cuisine.

Featuring outstanding performances from a stellar ensemble cast, this touching story is about real people, their flaws and their aspirations. Funny, clever and endearing, Jack Goes Boating is a finely tuned comedy that speaks of love and friendship in equal measure.

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