Director: Gaspar Noe

Oscar (Nathaniel Brown) and his sister Linda (Paz de la Huerta) are recent arrivals in Tokyo. Oscar is a small-time drug dealer, and Linda works as a nightclub stripper. One night, Oscar is caught up in a police bust and shot. As he lies dying, his spirit, faithful to the promise he made his sister as a child - that he would never leave her - refuses to abandon the world of the living. His spirit hovers over the city, wandering the streets and passing through the boundaries of various apartments, nightclubs and hotel rooms. His visions grow evermore nightmarish and distorted as past, present and future merge in a hallucinatory maelstrom.


ENTER THE VOID is the ultimate head trip, a distinctive and highly original film that fully immerses the audience into the sensory world and experiences of its characters, straight into the void between life and death. Lauded as a work of Pure Cinema, ENTER THE VOID is Gaspar Noé’s most mature and fully realised work to date.

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