Directors: Renaud Barret, Florent de la Tullaye

From the lawless streets of Kinshasa, Congo, comes one of the most incredible stories ever committed to film. Five years in the making, BENDA BILILI follows a group of street musicians as they struggle to record their first album. Four of the group are paraplegics who get around Kinshasa in Mad Max/ Easy Rider-style customised wheelchairs. The other three are homeless street children whose star is Roger Landau - a teenage prodigy who plays on a home-made, single string guitar, fashioned from a tin can.

Prepare to lose yourself in the remarkable true story of BENDA BILILI, as we follow them from their first recording session to worldwide acclaim and stardom.


Hailed as the new Buena Vista Social Club and brimming with humour in the vein of Anvil, BENDA BILILI is an inspirational, infectious, hilarious and life-affirming story of a dream that becomes reality.

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